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MFX - Who are we?

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Wondering who we are?

We were established in 2014 and form part of the Manx Financial Group, an AIM listed company.

We know a thing or two about the FX industry.

And, quite frankly, we're a little different. For us, having local experts combined with a global reach is the perfect blend to ensure we offer a world-class service.


Code of ethics

Our code of ethics covers four areas: Honesty, Integrity, Helpfulness and Innovation.

All words that point to one crucial factor: Establishing a mutually beneficial professional relationship.

Our business is geared towards providing a premier service in foreign exchange. It means we continue to evolve so you reap the rewards.


Why we are different

Our refusal to conform means we combine market leading technology with friendly, professional customer service.

The Isle of Man premises ensures there are on-site professionals just a phone call away.

And the online platform gives you complete control. Global reach, personable presence.


Why choose us?

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

The free FX consultancy will evidence the significant FX savings you could make through MFX.

MFX and moneycorp are specialists in our field. Working together, you'll get the best rates, world-class service and the ease of the modern, online customer experience. Try us today.

Find out what services we offer

Call us on 01624 694722 and we'll discuss how our foreign exchange services can benefit your business.

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