We provide tailored services to help companies make international payments and manage their foreign exchange risk.

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Established in 2014, Manx FX Limited are foreign exchange specialists who put service at the heart of everything we do and always put the customer at the centre of our organisation. At Manx FX, we want to help our customers manage their currency requirements and future exposures by not only offering, through our partners, access to the most competitive FX rates but also access to online payment facilities that let you do foreign exchange deals and payments from one simple login.


Manx FX have specialist knowledge of currency operational requirements and have carefully selected the best UK partners to provide market leading payment and FX services. Some benefits include:

  • Being able to offer the most competitive terms to our clients
  • Market leading platforms that are extremely user friendly
  • Instant SWIFT confirmations when payments are made
  • Facility to upload multi-currency batches (excel or CSV) for large number of payments


Through our partners, Manx FX are able to offer specialist bespoke facilities to our clients as well as:

  • Best possible FX rates
  • Facility to book trades online up to 3 years in the future
  • No advanced funding
  • Ability to trade in over 100 currencies by phone