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moneycorp: Our Premier Partner

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Our premier partner

Expertise. Market Experience. Industry Knowledge.

Moneycorp: The FX and international payments specialists.

Our trusted and premier partner with over 40 years experience. True FX prowess.


Speedy account opening

These are digital times and that's why the account opening is all online based.

No original documentation required. No delays. No business disruptor.

Opening an account is quick, easy and free with no maintenance charges.


Market leading online platform

The moneycorp user-friendly online platform allows you to book FX rates instantly and process payments too.

The online platform is a secure way to transfer money.

You can even use a debit card or bank transfer. It couldn't be easier.


Focussed on delivering first-class service

Partnering with market leaders means you get world class service.

That means automated swift confirmations for instant proof your payments have gone. 

And it also means sourcing the best possible FX rates and trading in over 130 currencies.


Moneycorp Bank

Our partnership with moneycorp Bank offers superior banking services.

Regulated & licensed alternative banking solutions.

  • IBAN Accounts - Your bank account has its own individual IBAN providing total transparency
  • Currency Offering - You can trade in over 34 currencies & send payments to 190+ countries
  • Automated Payment Solutions - Full control and processing capability when you manage your account online
  • Enhanced Service Levels - The dedicated team of experts helping manage your account with a personal touch
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