Manx Financial Group grants staff an extra £1,200 this winter to combat inflation and rising fuel bills

MFX has promised every member of staff an extra £200 per month for the next six months.

Manx Financial Group, the financial services group which includes, amongst other operating subsidiaries, Conister Bank Limited, Conister Finance & Leasing Limited, Manx Collections Limited, MFX and Blue Star Business Solutions Limited, has pledged across-the-board financial support for staff this winter to help meet mounting energy bills and cost of living increases.  

The company has promised every member of staff an extra £200 per month for the next six months.

The scheme, which takes effect from the end of September, covers all employees of the Manx Financial Group, including all of the Group’s subsidiaries. The Group employs over 140 staff throughout the UK and Isle of Man.

 With the expected hikes in gas bills, the volatility in oil prices and the worsening impact of rampant inflation – with the worst effects predicted to really hit home this winter – The Directors acted quickly to provide additional support for all staff members.  

 “As a responsible financial institution, we have a duty of care to our staff,” said Manx Financial Group’s CEO, Douglas Grant.  “In the UK and Isle of Man, we are seeing dramatic increases in energy bills and inflation is on the rise. These payments demonstrate the kind of unspoken behaviour that drives our supportive culture and allows us to respond positively in these uncertain economic times.

 “With this in mind, our Board have been unanimous in their view that a payment of £200 per month for the next six months is the responsible way to support all employees over the winter period. Everybody will be treated the same – from the longest serving member of staff to those who have only just recently joined, no matter if they are part-time, full-time or temporary.

 “We don’t just look to treat people well in good times but also when times are harder, as will undoubtedly be the case over the coming months,” he added.

 Manx Financial Group is believed to be one of the first employers on the Isle of Man to have announced additional support payments for staff ahead of the coming winter and adds to the growing number of firms in the UK offering similar support.

 Grant said the reaction amongst the bank’s employees to the emergency payment plan had been very positive. “I knew we had a very open culture but even so, I was surprised by the level of feedback we have received.”  


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