Our approach

Our service

Our code of ethics covers four areas: Honesty, Integrity, Helpfulness and Innovation. The ability to listen, to be flexible, and to service our client’s requirements is of paramount importance to our organisation. We want to continually deliver a world class level of service in foreign exchange and currency payment processing solutions, through market leading technology in house and providing expertise and the best possible pricing. Our team are friendly, approachable and care about all our clients, so genuinely want to help you and your business through our services.

The best possible exchange Rates

We offer a professional and friendly service with a permanent presence in the Isle of Man. With our upfront agreed FX margins you have complete transparency as you get used to using us for all your FX requirements. Our business partners have been carefully selected to ensure they are able to obtain the best possible pricing from the market to avoid adding any additional inter-bank margin to your FX rates.

No unnecessary costs

Our international payment fees are outstanding value at just £9 for urgent payments and £5 for standard domestic transfers. We automatically request that no fees are deducted from beneficiaries and we provide free payment confirmations, which enable you to make further savings through MFX. The increase of international trade on the island means more businesses are aware of the significant risk that exchange rate volatility can impact on profit margins. Take advantage of our free FX consultancy services to benefit from our experience, expertise and knowledge of the markets to help your business make correctly informed key strategic currency decisions

We save our client's fees in all of the following ways:

Free account opening and no maintenance costs
Free SWIFT payment confirmations
No fees for any payment or general account queries
Low and often free international SWIFT payments (max cost £5 for standard delivery and £9 for express)
No deductions on payments from intermediary banks
Low FX margins, fixed up front.

Understanding businesses and Individuals

At MFX we know that local businesses and individuals’ value being able to speak to someone they know and trust before committing to large FX trades. We have professionally qualified people who spend time looking at the factors affecting the market and with decades of experience will welcome the opportunity to help you make informed decisions regarding your currency exposures.

We realise that often our clients just need a facility to send urgent payments quickly and efficiently so we provide access to a FX and payments online system with straight-through processing to make these tasks as effortless as possible.

Better access

Our office opening times are:

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5:30pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm

Our online trading services are available whenever the markets are open. That means your company can trade when it needs to – and the team here at Manx FX is only a phone call away if you have a question or need any help.