International Payments

If you have an immediate need to make a foreign payment, for example you have an invoice from an overseas supplier; you can convert the currency amount required and pay the invoice quickly and easily through our partners’ online platform.

Know your local currency cost for covering the invoice in advance by booking a trade in the market now and you will be trading at the spot rate, this means you take the current rate that’s available at the time of your transaction. The conversion rate you receive will be based on the ‘live’ market spot rate and enable you to know the exact funding costs to cover your payment.

We solve problems

  • We provide automatic SWIFT payment confirmations instantly upon it being sent which provides a proof of payment.
  • Prevention of payment deductions from intermediary banks so the amount you send is the amount received
  • Fully automated payment processing functionality available for bulk payments saving time and money
  • Free account opening and maintenance.

Wide range of currencies

You can trade, make payments and hold balances in 35 currencies in your online platform and over 130 currencies over the phone.

Cost Effective

We help ensure that you undertake your foreign exchange transactions in the most cost-effective and hassle-free manner.

Latest Technology

Our currency experts have access to the latest information and pricing systems, secure online international payment platforms and back office technologies.

Quick and Convenient

Payments through our partners are quick and simple; we have a number of currencies available for same day payments and over 50 currencies available on next day payment delivery.

Open an Account through us with our partners today and whether you like to do things online or you prefer the reassurance of speaking to a member of our team, we’ll create the right trading experience for you.

To discuss how our foreign exchange services can benefit your business please call 01624 694722.