Currency Management

Through our partners, we can facilitate a range of hedging tools and offer strategies to help businesses professionally manage their foreign exchange exposure. Our qualified team will always take the time to understand your business needs and financial objectives. We use a range of financial reporting information to help you make the right decisions and implement hedging strategies that are appropriate for your business.

Foreign exchange rates can move sharply over short periods of time, and these movements can make the difference between a contract that’s profitable, break-even or even loss-making.

Our partners offer a variety of tools to help you protect your business against adverse exchange rate movements:

Forward contracts

Allow you to immediately lock into an exchange rate for a future settlement date of up to three years, giving you access to a fixed rate for the duration of your contract, and enabling you to concentrate on growing your business instead of worrying about exchange rates.

Foreign exchange options

(These products are available directly with our qualified & regulated partners)

Provides you the right – but not the obligation – to buy or sell foreign currencies at a known exchange rate on a fixed future date, providing protection against future rates of exchange in a more flexible way than a forward contract does that can be designed specifically for your business needs.

Market orders

Can help you get more for your money if you are not restricted by payment deadlines. You simply let us know what rate you want to trade at, and through our partners your deal will be booked as soon as the market reaches that rate.

Joint Approach

Booking a combination of forward contracts and spot deals provides protection against adverse movements in the market, but also take advantage of any favourable movements.

Our team is on hand to explain everything to you in jargon-free terms, so you can make an informed decision about the best solution for your organisation.

To discuss how our foreign exchange services can benefit your business please call 01624 694722.

Consultancy Service

For businesses that have large on-going currency exposures we provide a specialist service that is tailor made to help protect your business against adverse currency risk. Our service is focused on helping businesses make informed currency decisions and provide supporting information to demonstrate why decisions were made correctly at that time. Included in this service, our experienced qualified experts will provide frequent reports about your main currency pairings giving you detailed information about their movements and important upcoming events. We’ll prepare monthly and quarterly updates of all your outstanding hedging and will calculate the benefits of the savings you have made compared to transacting on a spot basis. You will have regular phone calls to discuss your ongoing requirements, markets strategies and to inform you when opportunities arise to fix rates at preferential levels that will benefit your business.